Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

What happened to Kevin DurantThe Nets have yet to deal with important absences, many players are still unavailable, among these there is also Kevin Durant.

Some think that Durant will never return as he was before. Others say that Durant will not even be able to play this season. But, what is the real situation? Clearly, the injury suffered by Durant is very serious and the course must be followed meticulously to avoid relapses that could compromise the player’s career.

The psychological recovery is decisive

It will not be easy for Kevin Durant to return to the explosive player he was before. On his return to the field, his first thought will probably be precisely towards his Achilles tendon. The psychological aspect is the first that will influence Durant, and the first that he will have to overcome.

Resume playing now as before is not possible, but, with time, Durant will once again become the admired player in recent years. The mental question will be decisive in the recovery of Kevin Durant and especially in the timing. The sooner Durant will no longer think about his injury and the sooner he will return to being the player we all know.

The goal of Kevin Durant, in fact, is not only to return to play as soon as possible for the Nets, but also to return to being one of the strongest All-time players. Many think that Durant will not be able to reach this goal, they believe that Durant will always remain a great player, a great shooter, but that he will miss in explosiveness, he will not be able to affect as he did before.

Kevin Durant will do well not to listen to the thoughts of others, but to listen more to himself and his own body. Many players before him were injured in the Achilles tendon, and all returned to play as they did before. Durant’s goal is reachable, he hopes for it and Nets fans hope so too.