BC Khimki complained about the behaviour of an opponent team’s mascot during their league game, by publishing an official announcement on their website.

Khimki traveled to Krasnoday to face the local Lokomotiv Kuban team on Friday, January 6th.

The home team won the game easily, something which seems to have aggravated Khimki who went into the trouble of making an announcement condemning the gimmicks of a… mascot!

According to Khimki, Lokomotiv’s mascot (which, despite my efforts, I still can’t tell what it’s supposed to be) made obscene gestures towards Khimki’s visiting fans, tried to steal one of their banners and most importantly abused a miniature stuffed toy version of Khimki’s mascot (guessing it’s a hedgehog).

Among other things Zubastik (the name of Lokomotiv’s mascot) kicked the toy around (oh, the humanity!) and he even had the nerve of shooting it into the basket (he scored, by the way).

Watch the marvelous performance which outraged Khimki in the video below, and draw your own conclusions: