Michale Porter Jr. of the Denver Nuggets spoke about the upcoming NBA Christmas Day game agains the New Orleans Pelicans.

Q: What do you think has been the key to your team’s success this season?

MPJ: “Taking the expectations people have for us and try to have a championship mentality. I feel we have a championship level team, we’re just trying to take it one game at a time, every game, play 100 percent and not let games get by us without playing hard.”

Q: Realistically can you reach the playoffs and what would you say to those who will still say you are outsiders?

MPJ: “We’ve got the team to do it so anything short of a championship is a failure. Well, not a failure; a lot of positive things can happen in a season but that’s our ultimate goal.”

Q: How do you rate your team’s chances against the Pelicans?

MPJ: “We lost to them earlier in the year so we’re looking forward to get back on track and get them next time.”

Q: Which other young players have impressed you from the Pelicans?

MPJ: “Brandon Ingram has made a big step. I think he’s been playing pretty good.”

Q: Are these Christmas Day games more special than other regular season games and why?

MPJ: “I haven’t been a part of one yet but to be able to play on Christmas it’s a great opportunity for us and is shows we’re viewed as one of those elite teams, which is pretty cool.”

Q: What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

MPJ: “Just remembering Christ’s birth, what it’s about, and I just try to remember that and take a moment to let that sink in and not let holiday pass by without reflecting on that.”

Q: Is there anything in particular you want for Christmas?

MPJ: “A win.”

Q: How does it feel to be playing on Christmas? Do you miss spending time with your family?

MPJ: “My family is actually coming out here to Denver. I get to spend time with them. Hopefully we get a win and I get to go back to the crib and have a good Christmas.”

Q: How will your teammates celebrate Christmas as a team?

MPJ: “We’ll focus in on the game and after the game everyone will focus on their families. We’re getting each other gifts.”

Q: Do you personally have any Christmas traditions?

MPJ: “My whole family would have a slumber party in the basement. We’d have a sleepover. I’ve got 10 people in my family so that’s what we would do.”

Q: Is there any place in the world you would like to spend Christmas someday? 

MPJ: “No, I’m happy with being here, Denver, Co, family’s coming out so it’ll be dope.”

The Denver Nuggets take on the New Orleans Pelicans as part of NBA Christmas Day games on Sky Sports. The NBA Christmas Day games are available to watch on Sky Sports Arena on Dec. 25 starting from 5pm in the UK. The Nuggets also host the Memphis Grizzlies at European Primetime on Dec. 28 on Sky Sports from 10pm.