We proudly present you an insight into the magic 3×3 game, from the perspective the best interviewee on the subject right now. Coach of the best ranked team in the world for five years.

1. Hello Danilo, tell us first, how did your transition from classic basketball to 3×3 basket happen?

My coaching career start in 2012, I got involved with whit classical basketball where I worked with junior selections, and later, as a graduate professor of sports and physical education, I also worked with the senior team of BC Danube.In 2014, Dejan Majstorovic was invited to play in the 3×3 World Basketball Championship, for which I was his personal trainer. After his good showing, a year later we collaborated for a whole season, after which I was invited to work with the whole Novi Sad 3×3 team in which Dejan played all the time. I’ve been in 3×3 since that moment, and I’m very happy about that.

2. Was the beginning difficult, since classic basketball and 3×3 are pretty different in every sense, except in terms of classic rules?

The rules are the same for everyone, and more importantly they have changed over the years, perhaps too quickly at first. Our goal has always been to adapt to them in the best possible way. Adjustment is related to the preseason, and to the training process we have made as specific as possible. Today we are trying to improve the training process, and I think it always has to be, if you want to stay in the top.

3. What does a 3×3 workout look like and is it different from a basketball workout?

Technical preparation is not much different, more precisely it is only because of the rules. In basket 3×3, stronger contact is allowed, harder steps are played, allowing for a wider range of breakthroughs and stepbacks.

The tactical part is different, it is only played in one half and is based on constant running on offense and great aggression on defense, which further implies high intensity play. Based on this, the conditioning part is also based. Endurance in high intensity zones.

4. How do you plan your tactics?

The tactics are primarily based on well-prepared video scouting. The decisions in the team of Novi Sad are made after the team scouting, the players express their opinions freely. I will mention that since 2012, the team of Novi Sad is the best-ranked team in the world, and all the advantages of our team and all other teams are well known. But I always stick to the princes – constant running on offense and high level of aggressiveness on defense.

5. 3×3 seems to be quite popular in Eastern and non-developed club basketball countries?

Basketball is popular first of all in countries with basketball education, where street basketball is the basis for becoming a top basketball player (Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia …), and then Eastern countries above all and above all China. In addition to huge investments in sports, most tournaments are organized in China. Quality is still lacking, but they are becoming more and more competitive globally year after year.

6. What are your expectations for the further development of 3×3 basketball? It seems to be in great expansion as a sport.

After the Olympics, there may be a slight decline in investment from the basketball federations, but club competitions will make even more progress in terms of organization and prize pools. The future is certainly bright, because the sport is extremely captivating and fast-paced, ’10 minute spring ‘as they like to call it, which fits into today’s lifestyle where fewer and fewer people have the time to spend 40+ minutes watching a game.

7. Does the Olympics represent the crown of your work in 3×3 basketball?

The Olympics are the crown of a career for every athlete and coach, and so for me.From the very beginning, from day one in this, this dream lives on.

8. Can we expect your return to the classic basketball courts in the future?

There is no going back, my passion and emotion are in 3×3. I’m so tied to 3×3 that going back to the basketball courts I have to start from the beginning.

9. What is the basic difference between a basketball player and 3×3, for you as a coach?

Hiding defensively flaws it is much more difficult in the 3×3 basket, sometimes impossible, which further states that athletic ability must be at a high level in order to minimize miss match situations. In addition, what makes the big difference in teams today is the excellent southerners. Often every player on the team has a great three point shot, which gives a new dimension to the team.

10. How difficult is it to maintain yourself in the first place in the world ranking for 5 years in a row? Does the team of Novi Sad just bounce so much on quality?

I think anyone can beat anyone, great teams win the tournament, persistent teams to be the best at the end of the whole season, and only the special ones can be the best 5 years in a row. In addition to the quality and hard work. I believe that the mental set of this team and players is individually winning.

11. Thanks Danilo for taking the time for this interview. We wish you that you will remain on the paths of success as before.

We did not have dominant season as in previous years, but we were best when it was the most important. Follow Novi Sad, play basketball and enjoy your life, big greetings 🙂

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