Photo: KSS

After an excellent start at the Olympics, the Serbian 3×3 squad scored two wins on the second day by beating Poland and Belgium.

In the first 3×3 match of the second day, Serbia celebrated against Poland with a score of 15:12. It was a tough game, because both teams are well-known for playing excellent defense, while Poland is dangerous while shooting for 2.

During the first three games, Serbia showed amazing defensive play, but with low two-point shot percentage. In all three matches, effectiveness from the two-point line was 4/29 per game.

During the third match, the Polish 3×3 squad was leading by 5 (10-5) before halftime, but the Serbian team started their engine and finished the game by allowing the opponent to score only two points.

The best scorer for Serbia was Mihailo Vasić with 5 points. Dejan Majstorović added 4, while both Aleksandar Ratkov and Dušan Domović-Bulut finished the game with 3 points.

During the second 3×3 match, Belgium felted what it is like when the Serbian 3×3 squad start to shoot well. In that game, Serbia won 21:15.

Bulut was amazing with 13 points, while Majstorović ended with 4. Both Vasić and Ratkov scored 2 points in the 3×3 game against Belgium.

On the third day of the Olympic 3×3 basketball competition, Japan and Lietuva will challenge the team of Serbia.

In order to directly reach the Semi-Finals, Serbia will need to finish the first phase at the Olympics as the first or the second 3×3 team.