Photo: KSS

With a perfect six wins (in six games), the Serbian 3×3 squad managed to reach the Semi-Finals of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

This was the first Olympics for 3×3 basketball and Serbia is one of the four teams that will, for the first time, play in the Semi-Finals. The only unbeaten team reached it after the third day, even though Serbia will face Russia on the last preliminary day.

As the first team, Serbia will face the winner of the Quarter-Finals game between the fourth and the fifth team after the preliminary round.

On the third day of the competition, Serbia faced Japan and won 21-11. The best scorer was Dušan Domović-Bulut with 7 points, Dejan Majstorović scored 6, while Aleksandar Ratkov and Mihailo Vasić added 4 points each.

The second game was the real 3×3 basketball blockbuster, because Lithuania and Serbia were the only two unbeaten teams before Day 3. As expected, teams were pushing from the beginning of the match until Serbia took a three-point lead (16:13). That was the key moment and Lithuania couldn’t respond and allowed the opponent to win, with a score of 22-16.

This time, Majstorović took the leadership role and scored 11, Bulut was following with 5, and both Vasić and Ratkov scored 3.