Anybody who is following the NBA even occasionally this season can see that LeBron James is up to his usual bag of tricks. His overall impact on every Los Angeles Lakers game can’t be overlooked.

It’s impossible to do.

And so, just a few weeks before King James’ 35th birthday (Dec. 30), let’s look again at his numbers in the early stages of the 2019-20 season.

Scoring: 25.6 points (No. 9 in the league)
Rebounding: 7.0
Assists: 10.7 (No. 1)

Perhaps Doc Rivers summed it up best in a feature that appeared on this week, while pointing out that LBJ’s decline appears to be years away:

“He’s LeBron James. Until he isn’t,” Rivers declared.

Dominique Wilkins also offered his assessment of this stage of LeBron James’ career in Shaun Powell’s article.

“Nobody knows when it’ll happen to him because he’s still playing in the air,” Wilkins was quoted as saying. “And even when that goes, his basketball IQ will allow him to stay great on the ground. I mean, who gets triple-doubles at his age? Only he knows when his time is up.”

Other viewpoints

James Worthy also weighed in on James.

“It’s different now, with this generation of players. I was eating Burger King before games and working out on Nautilus machines,” the former Lakers star told “I went to college with Lawrence Taylor and I remember him telling me, ‘I don’t wanna get hit anymore.’ And he’s a reckless guy. LeBron will wake up one day and he won’t have that drive. He’ll be tired and while physically he’s in such great shape, something will go away, either a move or speed.”

Steve Kerr, now in his sixth season as the Golden State Warriors coach, believes LeBron James is a one-in-a-lifetime player.

“LeBron is not only a great player but a physical marvel,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr told “Probably the best athlete to ever walk this planet. I’ve never seen anybody in my lifetime in any sport whom I would consider a better athlete. It’s one of his best attributes and the one that goes the least noticed. You just take it for granted that he’s out there every night and still doing his things.”