Lakers’ Danny Green says LeBron will “take ownership when he does mess up”

LeBron James, Anthony Davis LA Lakers
Photo: SKY Sports

LeBron James is not hiding from criticism and admits his mistakes, says Danny Green. The Lakers’ forward told Erik Garcia Gundersen of LeBron Wire that teammates can say where they think LeBron made a mistake and he’ll take criticism with a positive attitude.

“There’s so many, there’s not just one. He’ll take ownership when he does mess up. In a film session, he will say that’s my box-out, that’s my x-out, that guy there was a miss. And we will tell him, ‘Bron you need to do this, we need you be more aggressive, we need you to pass more, he’ll listen. He’ll actually take that with a positive attitude and actually, apply it to the game to help our team,” Green said.