Erazem Lorbek has revealed that he is still undecided whether he will help Slovenia in the upcoming Eurobasket.


Getting traded by Indiana Pacers to San Antonio Spurs has opened up new possibilities for the Slovenian star who will take everything into consideration before making any decisions.

Lorbek said “My wish is to play in NBA. Every basketball player dreams of this. Barcelona wants to renew my contract. There is a problem with playing for the National Team and this concerns me,” and continued “I’m undecided, I will wait for Barcelona’s offer as this will be ‘the contract of my life’ and then I will decide what and how I will do.”

Barcelona wants to offer a generous deal to Lorbek, but in order to do that they want to minimise the risk and don’t want him to play in Eurobasket. The ACB champions are also willing to include an NBA buy-out in his contract, as long as he skips Eurobasket.

In case Lorbek gives in to Barcelona this would mean worst case scenario for Slovenia NT who is already weakened.