Top NBA 2019-20 Contenders

We are well underway into the new season of the NBA, and things are starting to heat up. Undoubtedly, one of the most eagerly awaited sports events of the year, the NBA, has proved to be quite beneficial for those who indulge in sports betting. As a tournament, every game of the NBA is followed by millions. It is then analysed to its minutest detail by pundits, ex-players, and of course, fans, over a pint of beer.  

Whether it is the sportsmanship regularly displayed on the court, the great plays, or an undying passion for the game, basketball attracts people from all walks of life. As a result of this, NBA has an ever-growing fanbase that reaches the far corners of the planet. It is a competition that has the power to make basketball enthusiasts forget about their daily woes, and focus on an exciting sport, packed with surprises around every corner. As expected, everyone, even remotely associated with the NBA, has their favourite teams who are likely to win, and we look at some that might be going home with the trophy in 2019-2020. 

Fan Favourites

Every fan has their favourite team that they support. However, when it’s time to place a wager, don’t let your emotions come in the way. Placing a bet to make money on a team who isn’t your favourite is perfectly fine, especially if there is a good chance they are going to win. Now, thanks to mobile technology and overall ease of payments, punters can bet on individual games at the last minute using idebit. It’s a quick payment mode, linked to some of the leading Canadian banks, that has a flat fee structure. Making the most of this advantage, one must spread their bets on various games and also have a little set aside to pick the overall winner of the NBA. As per the fans, this year could possibly be when the Philadelphia 79ers take home the trophy. With 15/2 betting odds available, and considering their dominance in the competition so far, it just might prove to be that lucrative bet you’ve been searching all along.  

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The Underdogs

If anyone ever needs proof that underdogs can pose a real threat, all they have to do is look at last year’s results. Winning the NBA, the Raptors proved that with determination, a little bit of luck, and all-out brilliant playing, anyone could reach the top. Moreover, the team is confident that they can win again this year. As a team with nothing to lose and everything to gain, betting on the Toronto Raptors could prove to be quite lucrative. They are, as it is, hovering around in the top five of the Eastern Conference, and with a little push can end up in the same position as last year.

Bookie Favourites

Being in the know-how of how every team and each player is performing is of the uttermost importance for bookmakers. Before releasing odds, they typically check with several basketball pundits and analysts and then make an informed decision. As the tournament progresses, these odds change based on how the teams are performing. For this reason, if you are a punter looking to place a winning bet, it’s always best to pick up the odds early on in the tournament, as they tend to be the most profitable. In term of the NBA 2019-20 season, bookies are presently favouring a couple of teams that are going full steam ahead. The LA Clippers and the LA Lakers are both hot picks according to them and listed at 10/3 and 4/1 odds respectively. However, it would be a mistake to disregard the teams of the Eastern Conference, so a good plan is to place multiple smaller bets on several teams in both the conferences.