British Basketball to house World Peace??

Los Angeles Lakers player Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace has said on Twitter that he would be interested in playing in the British Basketball League during the NBA lockout.

The 31-year-old, who averaged 10.6 points-a-game in the 2011 NBA Playoffs has said that he loves the UK and wouldn’t mind playing there during the league’s first lockout in 13-years.

“I think the uk league might be fun!!!” Artest put on Twitter last night. He also has tweeted to several British basketball fans about the standard in the country and has said he would like to bring excitement to the league. One fan tweeted that he should play for the Glasgow Rocks.

Artest’ one problem with the BBL is that he is aware that they “don’t pay much”.

Artest, who has renamed himself Metta World Peace has also been looking at the leagues in Spain, Italy, Japan and Israel.

It isn’t definite just yet though but Artest has said on Twitter: “I’ll keep yal updated on what country I should play in on”.