In a recent episode of The OGs with Udonis Haslem & Mike Miller presented by Playmaker HQ, Lakers icon Metta Sandiford-Artest, known as Metta World Peace, revealed his choice for the basketball Greatest of All Time (GOAT).

Metta confidently declared Michael Jordan as his GOAT, citing Jordan’s extraordinary career and unparalleled impact on the game.

Acknowledging Wilt Chamberlain’s remarkable contributions, Metta placed him second on his list, highlighting Chamberlain’s impressive statistical achievements.

“I’mma go with Mike honestly. I think Mike is incredible,” he said. “Wilt Chamberlain’s incredible. People could say what they want… I’m going Wilt second.”

According to him, Kobe Bryant is disqualified from the GOAT conversation because he wanted to win his 6th championship badly and forced games instead of allowing wins to come naturally.

Discussing the ongoing debate, Metta offered insights into LeBron James’s potential to claim the GOAT title once his career concludes, acknowledging James’s exceptional versatility and accomplishments.

“I think when LeBron’s career over, I think when you crunch all the numbers, it’s going to read LeBron number one,” he continued. “He did what he had to do and Wilt Chamberlain had numbers, he played 13 seasons. Mike got six [championships]. Mike did what he had to do. Bron did what he had to do.”

Metta’s choice coincided with that of the hosts, with both Miller and Haslem expressing their admiration for Jordan as their personal GOAT due to their formative years watching him play.

“To me MJ was my favorite player growing up. Period,” Miller said.

Haslem emphasized the influence of nostalgia on his choice, highlighting Jordan’s iconic status during their upbringing.

“The only reason why MJ is my GOAT is because, like he said, we watched him growing up. I’m older than Bron, he can’t my GOAT,” Haslem added.