How often do you see basketball player showing off his dancing skills? Not too often. Well, here’s a rare chance to see Simas Jasaitis of Lietuvos Rytas and Lithuanian national team performing his dance. There’s also a special reason why he did what you’re about to see.

As you probably know, Lithuania is hosting EuroBasket 2011. The whole country is busy preparing for its most important sporting event. Various bands and solo artists were preparing as well because the official song of EuroBasket 2011 was about to be chosen by the fans.

Among those bands was that includes Oksana Pikul who is Simas Jasaitis’ girlfriend. Apparently she came up with a plan how to get more votes. Oksana found a way to convince (needless to say what way it was) Simas to perform a dance in her music video. The outcome was an internet sensation.The votes gone the other way though…

Here’s Simas Jasaitis debut in a music video:


Recently LKL All-Star Day was held in Siauliai. The host of the event didn’t forget a newly-found dancing talent, Simas Jasaitis who was invited to teach locals how to dance properly. The men were eager to learn from a pro: