ImageThe main subject of today is "taking advantage of injuries". We will be reviewing how the injuries of some players may affect the performance of their teammates, especially those who play in the same position.

Lynn Greer, Gordan Giricek and most notably Omer Asik will not be available for Fenerbahce in the next game according to latest reports and that leaves the Turkish team with limited offensive weapons. What does this mean? More minutes and offensive attempts for Oguz Savas and Semih Erden!! So what, you may ask and it would be rather insignificant if Fenerbahce would not be facing Cibona.

As we already know thanks to the "overall defensive behaviour " overview, Cibona allows 45.1 IRP from opposing frontlines more than any other team in the league. This could be a really good opportunity to pick up some rather cheap bigs (Savas, Erden) who have the chance to overperform.

And not only that, but old-Mrsic has turned into a go-to guy for the team lately. He played 36' in the weekend game for the Turkish Championship, scoring 17 points.

Further proof about the injury plague of Fener affecting the role of others comes from Emir Prldzic who scored 33 IRP over the weekend.

Let's move on to Panathinaikos who faces rivals Real Madrid for top spot of the group. Dimitris Diamantidis did train today, after the light injury he suffered last week and he will probably be available for the game against Real. However he will not be 100% fit and the same goes for Drew Nicholas who was not feeling good over the weekend. This leaves us Vassilis Spanoulis and Saras probably being more active in the game, possibly even Milenko Tepic.

But there are opportunities in Real too. Sergio Llull did not play this weekend due to injury and will probably miss the game in Athens. Pablo Prigioni anyone?

This goes for the newly occured injuries. You can also take advantage of the ones already known and pull a rabbit out of your hat.

Now , for those of you who are still seeking some free credits, Rawle Marshall needs -9.4 IRP to gain the max as informed by , and he's a great form too.

Sasha Kaun is the big to keep an eye on, as he turned out to be a cornerstone in CSKA's frontline. He needs -7.2 to gain the max while he offers the chance to be consistent in the future also.

Of course Aleks Maric will keep rising with negative values, but I am assuming everybody has him anyway.

Other than that, Dusan Kecman needs -3.1 for the max, Kristjan Kangur -2.2 and Guy Pnini -1.7.

As Siena is playing an "easy" game at home, maybe you will want to pick up Ksistof Lavrinovic, who seems to be in tremendus form lately, taking over for Romain Sato, who was great while K. was injured.

Pete Mickeal may appear not to be in great form as he only played a couple of minutes in the weekend game. Will Navarro pull off another great game against Zalgiris?

As I already said last week , you can find many option in the lower ranks of the bigs that can give you games worth their money and more. Keep an eye open for them.

This week you can also find some nice picks in the SG-SF category for under 50 credits. Not totally reliable, but if you can't go another way there are some choices like Marshall, Gordon, Foster or even Sani and Anderson.

And what about the PGs? The best cheap option should probably be Carlos Cabezas as Khimki faces Oldenburg and possibly, as I already said, Pablo Prigioni.

That's it from me this week. Keep your eyes open for injuries.

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