ImageHello friends, I am the Fantastic Scouter and as my name suggest I will be TalkBasket's Euroleague Fantasy scouter. Before every single Euroleague Gameday I will gather all previous weekend boxscores and gather all players who had a ranking of 10 or more and then post them in an easy to browse tables in order to help you out with your picks!

Please have in mind that the numbers are not 100% despite our best efforts to be as accurate as possible.
* Andrey Vorontsevich is injured, do NOT pick him

Points Guards

 I. Jaaber  Roma  39
 C. Cabezas  Khimki  26
 P. Ribas  Caja Laboral  23
 B. Dixon  ASVEL  21
 P. Prigioni  Real Madrid  20
 M. Finley  AJ Milano  19
 Z. Planinic  CSKA  17
 M. Huertas  Caja Laboral  15
 B. Popovic L. Rytas  11
 K. Tunceri  Efes Pilsen  11
 T. Brazelton  Asseco Prokom  11

Shooting Guards-Small Forwards

 D. Logan  Asseco Prokom  29
 M. Gecevicius  L. Rytas  25
 T. Kinsey  Fener-Ulker  24
 K. Langford  Khimki  21
 P. Mickeal  Barcelona  21
 B. Dewar  ASVEL  20
 J.C. Navarro  Barcelona  19
 M. Lukauskis  ASVEL  19
 R. Paulding  Oldenburg  19
 S. Babrauskas  L. Rytas  19
 C. Smith  Efes Pilsen  18
 L. Bullock  Real Madrid  17
 M. Rozic  Cibona  17
 M. Tomas  Cibona  16
 F. San Emeterio  Caja Laboral  15
 R. Sato  Siena  14
 M. Pocius  Zalgiris  14
 J. Gordon  Cibona  14
 L. Datome  Roma  14
 J. Foster  Oldenburg  13
 M. Mordente  AJ Milano  12
 T. Langdon  CSKA  12
 E. Preldzic  Fener-Ulker  12
 G. Sinica  L. Rytas  12
 K. Winston  Roma  11
 S. Milosevic  Partizan  11
 B. Thornton  Efes Pilsen  10
 Q. Woods  Asseco Prokom  10
 S. Blanco  Unicaja Malaga  10

Power Forwards-Centers

 A. Baynes  L. Rytas  32
 A. Maric  Partizan  32
 M. Belica  L. Rytas  28
 T. Watson  Zalgiris  24
 A. Vorontsevich  CSKA  23
 M. Begic  Zalgiris  23
 K. Peker  Efes Pilsen  20
 J. Freeland  Unicaja Malaga  19
 B. Nachbar  Efes Pilsen  19
 K. Lavrinovic  Siena  19
 G. Printezis  Unicaja Malaga  18
 R. Burrell  Asseco Prokom  18
 N. Velickovic  Real Madrid  17
 M. Petravicius  AJ Milano  17
 E. Campbell  ASVEL  17
 T. Klimavicius  Zalgiris  17
 T. Splitter  Caja Laboral  16
 M. Hall  AJ Milano  15
 C. Borchardt  ASVEL  15
 R. Javtokas  Khimki  15
 D. Zavackas  L. Rytas  13
 D. Lavrinovic  Real Madrid  12
 J. Perkovic  Oldenburg  12
 L. Vaty  Orleanaise  12
 L. Andric  Cibona  12
 P. Cukinas  Zalgiris  12
 A. Traore  ASVEL  11
 O. Savas  Fener-Ulker  11

You can now start joining our private leagues! The first and main league is named "TalkBasket" and the password is: euroleague

You can enter as many as three of your teams in this league but after the end of Week 3 only your best team will be kept and the rest will be removed. The two winners of this league will win a special prize by, a Euroleague t-shirt and scarf.

You can also enter our 2nd league named "" (password: tbleague) with unlimited teams.