Jaycee Carroll Real Madrid
Photo: Real Madrid

Jaycee Carroll is one of the best shooters we have ever seen in the European basketball.

Last night, Maccabi put Real Madrid in a difficult situation, but the experienced sharpshooter didn’t hesitate to take action with 3 seconds remaining.

But for him, this attempt was an easy one. The two-time Euroleague champion took more difficult shots than this throughout his career.

While the most important aspect of Carroll’s game it may be his shooting ability, the gravitional force of his actions in the floor is much more important.

According to Kevin Pelton,”in a basketball context, gravity is the tendency of defenders to be pulled to certain parts of the floor.”

If we put it in a simple way, gravity is the amount of “respect” that a defense is showing to a player, while he is attacking from a certain part of the court.

Carroll, a 43.7% shooter from the arc in his career, is enjoying a great amount of attention from the opposite teams,while trying to find the open shot through his teammates’ “rambling” screens.

As we witnessed many times in the past, Carroll always finds a way to get his shot from the perimeter, as he made many big-time plays in his career.

That kind of players, who can change the defensive stance of a team in a short amount of time, is quite important these days.

Especially in the era of the “Pace and Space”, in which the off-ball movement and three-point shot preponderate as the main tendency in basketball offense.

As a result, Jaycee Carroll is a vital figure for this brand of basketball and the winner he drained last night against Maccabi is once more proving that.