Trey Thompkins Real Madrid
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

The power forward/center of Real Madrid, Trey Thompkins, will not play in the opening game of the EuroLeague against Fenerbahce.

As confirmed by the head coach of the “Whites”, Pablo Laso, Thompkins is still out of shape and will not be available for the match against the Turks.

“There has been a lot of talk that we have not released him, but the competition rules allow us to do it whenever we want. We think that Trey is not at his best and we want to avoid any risk with a view to the future. (…)

The physical condition is closely linked to the risk of injury. If I myself, for example, trained with the team, I would be injured because I am not prepared.

These are normal situations that we understand and value in such a long season. But I would not like to talk about Trey all the time, but about the game and the rest of the players.”