Aris Thessalonikis – Paok Thessalonikis: 85-82

Quarters: 14-16, 39-28, 52- 48, 70-70, Extra time: 85-82

Venue: Alexandreion Melathron ( Nick Galis Hall)

Referees: Karakatsounis- Somos- Psarianos

MVP: Lefteris Bochoridis

Paok led the score in in the first minutes with the 3pointers of Margaritis ( 12-16). Aris tried to equalize the match but the hosts had 0/5 3pointers in the first quarter. Paok remained as leader in the end of first quarter with 14-16.  Everything had changed in the second quarter and Aris took the lead . Bochoridis was significant for the team which coached by Soulis Markopoulos and Slaftsakis gave the lead to Aris with his 3pointer. (21-20).

Aris had an 10-2 in a row (28-20) and Slaftsakis with Gecevicius helped Aris to stay in the lead at halftime (39-28). Smith for Paok made an outstanding performance in the third quarter and he scored 10 important points. Aris players wasn’t good and they missed many shots, but the hosts retained their advantage (52-48). Although Bochoridis scored a 3pointer ( 57-52), but Paok was desicive and answered with Tsochlas and Sarikopoulos points. Paok had an 2-7 in a row and the visitors equalized the score ( 59-59). Moris helped Aris to regained the lead again (62-59) and 6 points in a row by Dragisevic increased the gap ( 68-61).

Smith scored 20 points and his 6 consecutive points reduce the gap between two teams. Although Gecevicius had 2/2 of free throws (70-67), but Smith with his 3pointer equalized the match again (70-70) and the teams needed extra time. Aris prevailed in over time because Bochoridis scored the last two significant free throws ( 85-82).

Aris Thessalonikis best players : Points: Lefteris Bochoridis ( 24 points) , Rebound: Vladimir Dragisevic ( 8 rebounds) , Assist: Lefteris Bochoridis ( 7 assists)

Paok Thessalonikis : Points: Adam Smith ( 28 points) , Rebound: Antwaine WIggins ( 9 rebounds) , Assist: Jequan Lewis (  5 assists)

Peristeri – Iraklis Thessalonikis: 75-59

Quarters: 19-10, 38-25, 58-43, 75-59

Venue: Peristeri Arena (Andreas Papandreou)

Referees: Panagiotou- Stamatopoulos- Kaldiris

MVP: William Hutcher

The two teams wasn’t in very good shape and they needed 4 minutes and 10 missed shots to score a single point. Peristeri had an 16-8 in a row and this gave to hosts the momentum of match. The score of the first quarter was 19-10. Hutcher, Saloustros and Morrison made a great performance and they helped Peristeri to remain as leaders at halftime (38-25). 

Iraklis missed in the third period many shots and Peristeri players played better after the halftime than the visitors. Peristeri led by 15 in the end of the third period (58-43). 

Iraklis had a great start in the fourth period with 2-14 in row. Although visitors reduced the gap ( 63-57) , Peristeri kept the pace and finally won the match by 16 points (75-59).

Peristeri  best players : Points: William Hutcher ( 12 points) , Rebound: Jamar Brighton ( 8 rebounds) , Assist:William Hutcher  ( 7 assists)

Iraklis Thessalonikis: Points: Olivier Hanlan ( 15 points) , Rebound: Alex Davis ( 8 rebounds) , Assist: Olivier Hanlan ( 4 assists)

Ermis Larisas – Promitheas Patras: 69-96

Quarters: 19-22, 32-49, 55-74, 69-96

Venue: Larisa Neapolis Indoor Arena

Referees: Schnas- Mpitis- Pantelidis

MVP: Dimitris Katsivelis

Larisa promoted from A2 and from the first match the players from Thessalias team was competitive. Promitheas is very difficult opponent and the hosts learned what Basketleague means.

In the first quarter Larisa was many times in the lead and Parks concecutive seven points helped Larisa to equalise the score (19-19). But a 3pointer gave the lead to Promitheas in the end of the first quarter (19-22). 

Promitheas had 8-0 in a row in the start of the second quarter and finally the visitors led by 17 points at halftime ( 32-49). The game was over, but Larisa learned a lot of things in the first gameweek. Katsivelis, Agravanis and Bogris was the key factor why Promitheas led by 19 points in the end of the third quarter.

Octavius Ellis and the younger Greek players of Promitheas helped the team which coached by Makis Giatras to increase the score. Finally, Promitheas won 69-96 over Ermis Larisas.

 Ermis Larisas best players : Points: Scottie Reynolds ( 20 points) , Rebound: Terell Parks  ( 6 rebounds) , Assist: Scottie Reynolds ( 8 assists)

Promitheas Patras: Points: Dimitris Katsivelis  ( 13 points) , Rebound: Octavius Ellis  ( 6 rebounds) , Assist: Dimitris Katsivelis ( 7 assists)

Kolossos Rhodes – Panionios: 89-61

Quarters: 20-9, 42-27, 70-48, 89-61

Venue: Kallithea Palais des Sports 

Referees: Manos- Diamantis- Andrikopoulos

MVP: Donovan Jackson

Kolossos Rhodes want to forget the last season and the team from the beautiful island of Rhodes showed us that in this year everything has change. Panionios led by 4 points in the start of the first quarter, but Kolossos took the lead and in the end of the first  quarter the hosts led by 11 points ( 20-9). 

Donovan Jackson had of the best performance overall in the gameweek and especially in the second quarter he had 14 points and 2 assists. Kolossos led by 15 points at halftime ( 42-27). Panionios wasn’t competitive in the second half and the hosts with 7/10 2 pointers nf 4/6 3 pointer was 22 points in front of in the end of the third quarter ( 70-48).  The team which coached by Aris Lykogiannis finally won 89-61 over Panionios in the first gameweek.

 Kolossos Rhodes best players : Points: Donovan Jackson ( 21 points) , Rebound: Stavros Toutziarakis  ( 8 rebounds) , Assist:  Stelios Poulianitis ( 6 assists)

Panionios: Points: Dimitris Verginis ( 17 points) , Rebound: Fotis Lambropoulos ( 7 rebounds) , Assist: Mohamed Pasalic  ( 9 assists)