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There is unmatched excitement in the air with less than a month to go before the start of the new NBA season.

Players, fans, and bookmakers are all eager for the action to commence and immerse themselves into the highs and lows associated with one of the most loved games on the planet.

As is the case with famous tournaments, bookies already have odds out for NBA 2020. Although picking up early wagers is a great idea to increase your profits, it is also smart to hold back a little, just to make sure that your final bet is safe and lucrative.

Now, do note that NBA betting odds fluctuate throughout the competition, so it is also not worth holding off till the end.

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The trick is to be quick enough and make the most of the early odds, but also have all the important information in your hands. From team and player analysis to personal expectations, here are some crucial points to keep in mind before making your final bets.

Pre-Seasons Games

The weeks before the first NBA 2020 game will comprise of pre-season matches across the board. These games work on several levels.

For the fans, it is a great way to get back into the groove of things, whereas the players begin to focus for a fierce competition ahead.

For the coaches, besides looking at their players, the pre-season games are the perfect opportunity to weigh in the competition.

As for the punters, it is a little bit of everything. Watching the pre-season games gives bettors an idea of how the team is likely to perform when the real games begin.

However, do remember that many teams hold back during these matches. So, always take the pre-season games with a pinch of salt.

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Past and Present Performances

Both past and recent performances of a team are of the essence when wanting to bet on them. Last year saw one of the best NBA seasons ever with the Toronto Raptors winning the tournament. This already makes them a favourite this time around.

However, keeping in view the changes and overall strength of the teams, the two topmost competitors for the NBA 2020 title right now are the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Thus, it is essential to take on a holistic approach when comparing the teams, you plan to bet on.

The Pundits

There’s a reason why they are called pundits, and that’s because they have a sense about what the future might hold.

Similarly, odds released by bookmakers are a good indication of what they think about the competition. For instance, even after winning last year, the Raptors are listed at +4000 odds as compared to the Clippers and Lakers who are at +330 and +440 odds respectively.

It would be a mistake to overlook these predictions by professionals, but remember they are human too. You need to add in your analysis to what pundits have to say, for a more realistic picture of which team will win.

LeBron James LA Lakers
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Your Intuition

Lastly, never disregard your intuition. That gut feeling can often be the difference between a small or major win. While the pundits and bookmakers know a lot about the sport, they are also more technical about it.

As fans and avid enthusiasts of the game, if you sense that a team is likely to turn up as the underdogs and cause a significant upset, go for it. Remember, it is games like these where the profits are genuinely life-changing.