Getting the Advantage

Winning in basketball is all about getting advantages. From the opening tip to the final buzzer, each player, every single action is looking to create and exploit an advantage. Today I’ll be talking about one on one facing the basket. From a triple threat position or with a foot forward or in retreat, getting an advantage, even when you have blinding speed depends on your ability to make good fakes. A good head fake or ball fake is vital, followed by an acceleration in the opposite direction of the defender if he moves with the fake or in the same direction if he doesn’t move. Once you have the advantage only you can stop you from scoring or setting some one else up when help comes! Tips- use more than the ball, use your hips on a jab and cross or a rock the baby jab- ease back- and go. I call it the Elvis fake, it works! Use sound to influence defenders. A good fake with a martial arts grunt not only tightens your muscles as in Kung Fu but it convinces the man on you that you are going in that direction HARD. Result — Advantage!!! Stay tuned. Next week- back to the basket advantage tips!