The Bulgarian NT will start preparation for EuroBasket 2011 earlier than any of the other participants in the forum. Head coach Rosen Barchovski will take 14 players including some with experience in the NT, and also other who are potential additions to the team to a mini-camp in Pravets, near Sofia from 16.02 to 19.02.2011.

This variant of the team will play two friendly games against Lukoil Academic (18.02) and against Rilski Sportist (19.02). All of the players that are called up are from the Bulgarian championship, excluding the two clubs that will play against the NT in the friendlies.

Here is the list of the players that head coach Rosen Barchovski will have in Pravets.


  • Zlatin Georgiev (196/1985/Levski)
  • Tihomir Zhelev (190/1990/Euroins Cherno More)
  • Hristo Zahariev (197/1990/Chernomorets)
  • Asen Velikov (188/1986/Levski)
  • Stanimir Marinov (191/1991/Balkan)


  • Simeon Iliev (203/1989/Euroins Cherno More)
  • Aleksandar Yanev (203/1990/Euroins Cherno More)
  • Stanislav Slaveykov (197/1986/Levski)
  • Pavel Ivanov (200/1988/Levski)
  • Pavel Marinov (197/1988/Yambol)
  • Tsvetelin Ivanov (201/1989/Balkan)


  • Stefan Georgiev (206/1978/Levski)
  • Nikolay Varbanov (210/1985/Yambol)
  • Krum Doychinov (205/1986/Balkan)