Boban Marjanovic: “Our team must be smart and show respect to everyone”

Boban Marjanovic Serbia Lithuania
Photo: Serbia Basketball Federation

Boban Marjanovic talked about his feelings when he plays for the national team of Serbia as well as the upcoming Basketball World Cup.

Here is what the Serbian center told FIBA:

On playing for Serbia: “So far we like everything that’s happened. We love playing for our country and putting our team in this event, the World Cup. This doesn’t happen often.

I mean, you practice all your life, watch other players at the EuroBasket, at the World Cup, at the Olympic Games. Everything makes sense when you’re the one finally here. You feel great, and we’re just so excited.”

On the Basketball World Cup: “Every matchup is a good and tough matchup. Everyone here is good, and for sure, they’ve practiced hard like us. One play on offense, on defense, one foul can affect the whole game.

In one game, one guy may also have the best night of his life, and you cannot do anything about that but just give your best. Our team must be smart and show respect to everyone, especially our opponents. We have to be professionals.

Of course, it won’t be easy at the World Cup. We may have beaten some teams in friendly games, but this is different now because everything matters in this tournament. We must stay focused for those 40 minutes of each game.”