FIBA World Cup
Photo: FIBA

China, Cote D’Ivoire, Germany and Italy officially announced their final 12-man rosters for the FIBA World Cup.

The 12 players that will compete for China are as follows:

Guards: Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei, Fang Shuo, Zhao Rui, Sun Minghui

Forwards: Makan Kelanbaike, Zhai Xiaochuan, Abudurexiti Abudushalamu

Centers: Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhelin, Zhou Qi, Ren Junfei

China will face Poland, Cote D’Ivoire and Venezuela in group play.

The 12 players that will compete for Cote D’Ivoire are as follows:

Guards: Charles Abouo, Souleyman Diabate, Guy Landri Edi, Bryan Pamba, Abraham Sie

Forwards: Baru Adjehi, Tiegbe Bamba, Bali Coulibaly, Vafessa Fofana, Deon Thompson

Centers: Mohamed Kone, Frejus Zerbo

Cote D’Ivoire will face Poland, Venezuela and China in group play.

The 12 players that will compete for Germany are as follows:

Guards: Dennis Schroder, Maodo Lo, Ismet Akpinar, Andreas Obst

Forwards: Niels Giffey, Robin Benzing, Paul Zipser, Danilo Barthel, Daniel Theis, Maximilian Kleber, Johannes Thiemann

Centers: Johannes Voigtmann

Germany will face Dominican Republic, France and Jordan in group play.

The 12 players that will compete for Italy are as follows:

Guards: Amedeo Della Valle, Marco Belinelli, Alessandro Gentile, Luca Vitali, Daniel Hackett, Ariel Filloy

Forwards: Danilo Gallinari, Jeff Brooks, Amedeo Tessitori, Awudu Abass, Luigi Datome

Centers: Paul Biligha

Italy will face Angola, Philippines and Serbia in group play.

With the addition of these four teams’ rosters, there are now 27 teams who have announced their final rosters and five teams that have not (Turkey, Czech Republic, Greece, Jordan and Canada).