Linas KleizaLinas Kleiza is going to play in World Championship 2010 in Turkey despite recent reports that Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LKF) might struggle to gather money for his insurance. reports that the release of such news was planned in order to push the process of signing the contract with a new sponsor one step further.

LKF is in need of a new sponsor since the previous sponsor quit a couple of months ago. Several betting companies expressed serious interest sponsoring Lithuanian national team. However, they faced one major obstacle. Lithuanian Gaming law does not permit advertising of gaming companies. LKF wants amendments to be done to the Gaming law so that they could sign the deal with a betting company TonyBet.

The release of news that Kleiza might miss WC 2010 was the first step in a public relations plan which is being used to promote TonyBet and help this company to establish itself in Lithuanian market.

The plan also involves public statements by LKF heads about financial difficulties raising money for the insurance of national team players. Then TonyBet would offer its support which would make the appearance of Lithuania’s stars in WC 2010 financially possible.

According to the plan, the contract between LKF and TonyBet will be signed on June 28. On 12 PM on the same day a press conference will be held and rumour-victim Linas Kleiza will be among participants.