Sasha Djordjevic Serbia
Photo: FIBA

Serbia won the AusTiger Tournament and head coach Sasha Djordjevic talked about the team’s goals in the Basketball World Cup.

Here is what the Serbian coach said after the victory against France, per the Serbian Basketball Federation:

“As I have been saying since the beginning of these six years, physically and athletically, we have to be dominant in order to get the results we want and for which we work every day.

All this time there is a difference in the physical fitness of one part of the players who went through the team preparations and the other part of the players who did not go through the team preparations but had private preparations.

One-on-zero basketball does not exist, there is no one-on-zero way to prepare for any competition, not even for a game.

Only with team preparations that have a specific plan, system and principle and that have produced results for years. And that is the analysis of all this preparatory work.

We hope that as the championship progresses we will reduce this difference to as small a level as possible, as it is obvious that it will be the key.”