ImageAccording to statements Aleks Maric made to Serbian press, the Australian-born center wishes to play for the Serbian NT. The problem for this situation to evolve, could be however that Maric has already participated in youth tournaments wearing the jersey of his native Australia.

Aleks Maric was born in Sydney, Australia in 1984 to Serbian parents. Serbian was spoken in the Maric household however, so Aleks kept contact with his roots. Maric moved to the US to play highschool and college basketball before moving to Spain and Granada where he was the back-up of Curtis Borchardt. This summer he transfered to Partizan in the country of his origin.

Maric played football up untill he was 16 as a goaltender. His height then became a problem to pursue a career in football, so he turned to basketball. Relatively late is the truth.

 In 2003 he competed in the U19 Mundobasket with the colors of Australia and in 2005 with the U21 team. Which could hinder his wish to play for Serbia. Normally a player that has played for a National Team of any level is not allowed to play for another NT. There have however been exceptions in the past like the one of Vasco Eftimov, who has played both for the French and Bulgarian National Teams, thus the player is optimistic that FIBA will make an exception in his case also.

In statements Maric left to Serbian media he said that he will be cheering for both the Australian and Serbian National Teams in the upcoming football World Championship in South Africa, but in case the two teams happen to meet each other he will be rooting for Serbia.

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