People love basketball for numerous reasons. Even those that don’t like it, in particular, can play it and will play it occasionally. That’s why today, to honor this beautiful sport that we all love and cherish, we will give you some interesting facts about basketball. And we will tell you why people love this sport in the first place. If you’re interested in this and can’t wait to read it, we’re happy you’re here, and we encourage you to stay on this article.

People love basketball because it’s easy and you don’t need much equipment to play it. No matter what kind of ball you have (but we still recommend the real ball explicitly made for this sport), you can play it. And you can also basically play it in any place that has a hoop-like object nearby. Also, being with people is almost always fun, so that’s another advantage too! You can play with your friends, and you can all have a great time! Besides that, there are also various reasons why people adore this sport. First of all, it’s a great physical activity. And second, it can make you taller if you’re lucky. That’s because you’re always jumping, which stimulates the growth hormone, and it also strengthens your muscle tissue and bones, leaving you stronger in the process as well. That was the first exciting fact, and it’s just one of many that are waiting for you here. For example, did you know that basketball was initially invented in 1891 in Massachusetts by a Canadian professor called Dr. James Naismith? And that the standard ball that we use today was designed in 1949? Before that, people to play this sport with a regular brown soccer ball!

And the hoop that you know today didn’t come that quickly as well. Before that, people used to play with literal baskets, and whenever someone scored a basket, people had to poke the ball out of it. Hence, of course, the name – basketball. And pro matches didn’t appear right away either. Basketball was considered to be an amateur sport until the first pro match was played in Toronto, between the Toronto Huskies and the New York Knickerbockers! And just as a small proof that playing ball regularly can and will increase your height – we are happy to let you know that the average height of a professional player is 201 centimeters. Or to make it even more straightforward, over two meters. So, we hope that you value your physical health and that you will take advantages of this sport to make yourself a better person, otherwise you might end up searching for super sex games online all day. All in all, this is a beautiful sport that gives you lots of opportunities to succeed both in it and in other places too, since if you’re a good player, you can often score great scholarships that will make your life an even better experience. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up as one of the biggest of our time?