Photo: ClutchPoints

After the Los Angeles Lakers big man DeMarcus Cousins’ knee injury, ESPN’s Domonique Foxworth stated that the Lakers might be better off without Cousins, whose availability for 2019-20 is in question:

Per Fadeaway World: “That was devastating and upsetting (Cousins’ injury), but stay with me. I’m gonna say that it might make it a little higher chance that they’ll have a successful team deep in the playoffs. I know it’s crazy, I think they might have better chances.

I know Boogie Cousins is an All-NBA-type talent and having him on your team is good for depth, but I’m gonna say this, I think that this team is better with LeBron at the 4. I think if you can move LeBron to the 4, which means you move Anthony Davis to the 5, I think this team is better off and Boogie Cousins is not the type of person who’s gonna sit on the bench.

If Boogie Cousins is healthy, if he plays the 5, Anthony Davis moves to the 4, LeBron moves to the 3, then I don’t know what you do with Kuzma and Danny Green, so I’m gonna go out of the limb and say that they might be better off without Boogie Cousins on this roster,” Foxworth said.

This past season, Cousins averaged 16.3 points, 8.2 rebounds and 3.6 assists per game for the Golden State Warriors.