John Wall And His Future With Washington Wizards After Injury

It’s no surprise there are a few Wizards supporters wondering about Wall’s future with the team after suffering a rather brutal Achilles injury which left him off the court. The young athlete has since made a full recovery. But that wasn’t all the media reported on. The basketball star told press he simply wanted one more chance to win with the Wizards playing alongside Bradly Beal.

The Washington Wizards are amongst the top 10 teams for fans to bet on. Novibet betting is all about basketball and other famous casino sites also offer live betting on the games. Both basketball games and online betting generates hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it’s only natural fans would want to follow Wall’s progress and not just to make sure he is okay.

Wall went one to say that he was a one team man kind of guy and that he belonged to one organization. He said that given the opportunity to go back, if he played weakly, he would then suggest being traded and that he wouldn’t be mad because all he ever wanted was a chance to prove his strength.

John Wall wants the opportunity to play alongside Bradly Beal as he refers to his teammate as a brother and even said that the two of them can go toe to toe with any pair in the league.

The unfortunate injury happened last year and has even expressed that when Kevin Durant’s injury was reported to be in his calf, Young John Wall knew that it was his Achilles as he is familiar with the pain and where it was located when Durant would place ice on his leg. He said that was to be seen, but he just knew it was the players lower foot area and not in fact his calf.

John was and is believed to still be a strong player, however there are those who have concern for his future with the Wizards. Gilbert Arena’s expressed his concern regarding Wall’s injury. He stated that he though the star player was a good guard but that his injury was indeed a serious one and a long one at that. He went on to say that he believed the team needed a leader and he was concerned for the future of the team.

What makes this all worse is that John Wall has suffered from several injuries over the past few seasons and hasn’t stayed at his fittest levels. One injury even took place in his home where he slipped and fell. He isn’t expected back until the 2020 season and the Wizards are said to have taken strain during the 2019 season without the player on board.

There is no saying what the upcoming season will hold for Wall but fans are nervous and it would appear some others within the league also have their concerns and while this may affect some bets on popular sites, there is no telling just how good the future could still be for Wall and the Washington Wizards.