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Spain wins tough game against Slovenia

ImageThe second round of Seville Tournament continued with another win (89-71) for Spain NT against a tough Slovenia which only started to loose the game after their coach Jure Zdovc was drive out of the game. For spanish side, Marc Gasol played again a great game, while his rival Erazem Lorbek had great minutes on the court.

Slovenia started the game playing very well, proving that previous defeat against Lithuania was only a bad day. Erazem Lorbek was driving Marc Gasol mad, so Felipe Reyes took his place and Spains started to work. Anyway, it wasn't until second quarter, after a technical foul to selector Jure Zdovc when spaniards took advantage.

They wouldn't loose it anymore. Marc Gasol returned to the court to play another brilliant game, together with Juan Carlos Navarro and Felipe Reyes. Both Garbajosa and Mumbru are now injured, but they're expected to suffer minor injuries that can't prevent them to play in Poland.

In slovenian squad, it's worth to say that Beno Udrih played good minutes after a minor injury, and Sasha Vujacic still have to get fit. Bostjan Nachbar is playing bad, more worried about referees than trying to help his team.

Next game will be played on Friday, with Spain facing Lithuania and Slovenia playing against Great Britain.

89 – España (19+30+20+20): Ricky Rubio (9), Navarro (17), Claver (7), Marc Gasol (17), Garbajosa (0) -starting five-, Rudy Fernández (8), Llull (7), Cabezas (8), Guillem Rubio (2), Reyes (14).

71 – Eslovenia (21+24+13+13):
Slokar (3), Beno Udrih (6), Nachbar (7), Lakovic (5), Erazem Lorbek (23) -starting five-, Vujacic (5), Dragic (10), Brezec (2), Golemac (5), Samo Udrih (0), Jagodnik (2), Slokar (3), Lorbek (0).

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