ImageSpain had a hard time for the first time this summer against the tough Polish team who were fighting for the win up untill the end, in a game held in Zaragoza.

The Spanish side outlasted Poland though and won the game 88-83 behind 26 points of Juan Carlos Navarro and 18 of Marc Gasol. David Logan had 20 points for the Poles while he was aided by Michal Ignerski who had 17.

Fernandez 10, R.Rubio, Navarro 26, Claver 5, Reyes 8, Cabezas 3, Lopez, Llull 5, M.Gasol 18, Mumbru, Garbajosa 13, G.Rubio

Poland: Roszyk, Szubarga 14, Szewczyk 2, Wojcik 7, Ignerski 17, Logan 20, Gortat 6, Witka, Koszarek 14, Chylinski 3, Lampe, Kitzinger