Photo: ClutchPoints

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith thinks that it would be a failure if the Los Angeles Lakers newcomer Anthony Davis doesn’t win a championship with LeBron James, per Fadeaway World:

“Hell yeah, without question. Unlike other sports, basketball, give me two stars and I’m instantly a contender. When you say LeBron James and AD, they have not dribbled the basketball yet officially, not a preseason game, not a practice; damn sure not a regular-season game or a playoff game or whatever, and already they’re title contenders.

Anthony Davis and LeBron James have each other. Anthony Davis, who’s never won a title, I’m thinking he’s going to be in L.A. for at least the next three years. If LeBron James and Anthony Davis don’t win a title in the next three years, I’m sorry, that’s a failure,” Smith said.