Pau GasolIt seems that nothing is yet decided about Pau Gasol's future regarding the Eurobasket 2009, next September, in Poland. The new Spain National Team coach Sergio Scariolo verified that Gasol has not taken his final decision when asked whether he will have the Los Angeles Lakers star with him in Eurobasket.

"We are talking about possibly the biggest factor in the group.

"To have him (Pau) available would be important. Not to have him would be a great loss but we can't stop and cry too much because we would have to be more united as a group and try to find solutions."

Scariolo said and continued:

"I don't want to talk about Pau's loss because I think about the possibility that he will be there, Pau has not yet taken a decision. He is evaluating it with a lot of seriousness and interest at the possibility of being there. I prefer to think positively in what he could bring to the team."

Pau Gasol is playing in long NBA Finals series for the second year in a row and despite the fact that it will be extremely difficult for him to join the Spanish National Team for the Eurobasket, Scariolo will be hoping until the last moment.

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