Photo: ClutchPoints

The Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka says that the major factor in recruiting a two-time NBA champion Danny Green to the Lakers was his strength of relationships, per Lakers Nation:

“I think it all comes down to relationships. Again, relationship glue in this business is so important to getting things done. Him and Joe (Branch, Green’s agent), were just in constant contact with us and just did a great job in weighing their options.

Danny was extraordinarily excited about the possibility of playing here. And frankly, most of the guys we started discussions with saw the excitement and were willing to be patient because of the opportunity to compete on the Lakers’ platform and make a title run. That’s the goal here every year.

I could go through every player and their representative, staying in close touch with them and kind of going into the process together, made it easy. I think it was transparent, it was open, it was direct,” Pelinka said.