Ognjen Kuzmic has been awakened from the medically induced coma and is successfully recovering after a serious traffic accident.

“Thanks to everyone from the heart for the care they showed from the moment I experienced and survived a terrible accident,” Kuzmic said during a hospital visit of Crvena Zvezda representatives.

“I wanted this opportunity to thank everyone who was concerned about me after everything I experienced and lived through. In the first place, the president of the club and everyone from Crvena Zvezda, Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar, who pledged a great deal to me, the doctors and the entire team led by Dr. Baščarević and Olujić, nurses, other doctors, doctors in Banja Luka, Dr. Đajić, all my teammates, former and current, teammates from the national team, coach Djordjevic, and, of course, a lot of thanks to the fans of my Crvena Zvezda who took care of me, sent me support through my closest ones, through the club and finally with that banner on the match that really hit me in heart. Thank you all, I apologize if I left someone out, so much has happened in just 10 days. It’s up to me now to recover completely listening to doctors, I feel good, and moving forward.”

The recovery of the 29-year-old center who re-joined Crvena Zvezda this summer is going well. Kuzmic is eating well and is communicating with the environment. However, the doctors still insist on maximum caution.

Kuzmic said that he will spend the next days on recovery in the Emergency Center in Belgrade.