James Harden on Chris Paul: “He’s a great dude”

Photo: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets guard James Harden insists rumors of tension between him and Chris Paul were just ‘false stories’:

“There was a lot of false talk. The negative media stuff and all that stuff that was going on and running, it wasn’t true. Me and Chris had constant communication and we’re good. It wasn’t upsetting to me because I knew the truth. We knew the truth. It wasn’t upsetting at all.

It was just pretty funny how guys can speculate or make up false stories on the TV and then you’ve got people believing it. That’s where guys have to make sure their facts are true before they put stuff in the media or on national television.

But for me personally, and I’m sure for Chris as well, we never paid any attention to it. And Chris has been unbelievable these last two years. He’s helped me as a leader, as a mentor, just all that good stuff. I guess it’s life. It’s the business, how things don’t work out. But he’s a great dude. I have nothing negative to say about him,” Harden said, per Chron.