ULEBBarcelona. July 7, 2010. The Assembly General of the Union of the European Leagues of Basketball ( ULEB ) held in Barcelona today approved the new By Laws of the Union, which was established in 1991. These By Laws come as the result of the work made in studying and putting together the proposals submitted by the ULEB members, and fit the current reality of the European professional basketball.

The Assembly has also decide to create four commissions which will work on the issues of professional basketball in Europe. These commissions are:

-“ Basketball product “: will be leaded by the President of the Adriatic League, Mr. Radovan Lorbek. The members will be Mr. Karl Schweitzer ( President of the Austrian League ) and Mr. Sarunas Kliokys ( President of the Lithuanian League ).

-“ Licencing “: with Mr. Jan Pommer ( General Manager of the German League ) as chairman, will be formed by the President of the Dutch League, Mr. Henk Reekers too.

-“ Competitions “: under the Presidency of Mr. Avner Kopel, chairman of the Israeli League, and with the President of the Greek, Belgian and Lithuanian Leagues as members ( Mr. Vassilios Oikonomidis, Mr. Guy Vervaeke and Mr. Sarunas Kliokys respectively )

-“ Leagues development “, under the leadership of Mr. Josep Senespleda ( General Director of the Spanish League ), will be formed by two more members: former French League President Mr. Jean Bayle Lespitau and Belgian League President Mr. Guy Vervaeke.

ULEB Assembly in Barcelona