Dwyane Wade: “The level of competitiveness has grown a lot in recent years”

Photo: ESPN.com

In an interview with FIBA, NBA star Dwyane Wade referred to the upcoming Basketball World Cup and the level of competitiveness.

Here is what the legendary guard said:

“China is going to be the center of the basketball world and the teams are going to give everything.

Team USA is going to fight to keep their crown after their title in Spain five years ago. The top three spots are going to be tough to reach for every team. The battle is going to be very, very intense.

In general, the level of competitiveness has grown a lot in recent years. You have so many teams building great rosters, like Australia, Canada and Serbia, for example, that can have very good runs.

The battle for the medal spots is going to be very interesting. Many teams can reach those last three spots.

When you play at this level, you experience the passion of other countries for basketball and their love for their National Team.”