Giorgos Vassilakopoulos: “EuroLeague’s aggressiveness and provocative arrogance now exceeds every limit”

Photo: SKAI

The President of the Greek Basketball Federation, Giorgos Vassilakopoulos, verbally assaulted EuroLeague Basketball.

Here is what the Greek executive said during the FIBA Europe General Assembly last week:

“After our important and groundbreaking decisions in 2014, one would expect that the 2019 FIBA Europe General Assembly would be an opportunity to check on the progress and the implementation of those decisions and examine our next steps on the new structure, based on the concept of ONE FIBA.

At least as far as Europe is concerned, I must point out that very little has changed and the situation is probably worse than 2014.

Indeed in Europe FIBA continues to suffer from its conflict with EuroLeague. Instead of FIBA having the control of basketball in Europe we see EuroLeague prospering.

EuroLeague’s aggressiveness and provocative arrogance now exceeds every limit. They act anyway they want without considering any consequences.

They interfere with the domestic leagues and the National Teams, undermine national players and national leagues, even give lessons on just about everything.

EuroLeague and its teams dominate the media promoting their opinions and positions, while degrading our principles and effort. Public opinion is mainly influenced by the press officers of EuroLeague teams and their bosses.

On our part, we show an unexplained lack of energy and initiative. We don’t create, but just hide behind initiatives and events controlled by the other side. The worst part is our inaction on the implementation of our decisions.”