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Soon enough, we might see some new names and teams when accessing the platform, given the fact that the FIBA and the NBA have started a collaboration meant to create an elite competition that incorporates several African countries.

This new basketball league is even backed up by the former US president, Barack Obama himself – he stated quite a few times that he is a huge basketball fan and even had a court installed on the White House’s grounds, where he’d challenge staff/ employees.

Less than a Year Left

If you want to engage in legal sport betting with this new league in mind, you’ll have to wait some time before doing so. The 12-team league is said to begin playing in January next year. However, the existing club teams that are to be a part of this future league and play in it are yet to be determined.

Still, teams from Kenya, Angola, Morocco, Egypt, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, and Tunisia are expected to take part in the qualification tournaments that will be held later this year.

Obviously, the results will determine which of these clubs will be part of the new basketball league. However, one nation will be able to have a maximum of two teams in the league.

Support and Funding

As mentioned, the FIBA and the NBA will be the direct contributors of this new league. The two associations will provide the teams with both resources and financial support – they will make sure that the coaches, players, and referees are given training and will also provide the new league with some infrastructure.

Barack Obama is not the only one to have shown their support towards this initiative – Michael Jordan has also stated that he wants to be involved in the new basketball league of Africa.

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