Year after year since its initial inception the NBA Draft lottery has been a pool of talent that has allowed the NBA to become a more well rounded league with talent that has flowed in either from international waters, high school or from the usual NCAA college pool.

NBA Draft Lottery

With last nights NBA Draft lottery having been completed we are now going to be seeing the following draft class in action with a total of 66 attendees.

To a lot of surprise New York ended up getting #3 in the draft lottery while New Orleans clinched the #1 pick and the Phoenix Suns ended up outside the top 5. While New York now have a slim chance on their hold for Zion Williamson (the days ahead will soon show how the franchise strategy will unfold). The shift in strategies and so much more become important on signing free agents, the NBA Draft combine and how teams will utilize their max. contract pursuits.

NBA Draft Combine 2019

Here is a full list of the 66 NBA draft entrees that are looking to increase their so called draft “stock” by making an appearance and trying to influence where they likely might land in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Insightful points

I will keep it real and harsh to an extent:

Over the years, I have had my fair share of being able to see and observe what is sought out for from these young men and some common denominators can be established along the way.

  • The physical tests are there for a reason and while they are not seen as determining factors, in terms of analysis, efficiency as well as practicality hold a good use.
  • A lot of the players tend to come prepared for the combine tests and yet on the day of the combine struggles do appear.
  • I have always seen a lot of upside in the shooting tests revealing a lot of mechanics of players, it has been a blessing and a curse to figure out how players usually fare in comparison to their “in-season” situations prior to games and in game shooting
  • Defense and basketball IQ are a very well tested angle at the combine and if you get a chance to either watch it on site as an executive or invitee or watch it later online somehow the translation of the entire event helps players grow and learn from even the mistakes they make these two days.
  • Many executives have already seen footage or read reports on the prospects coming in and with the combine some even get a fresch first hand view of the players on and off the court.
  • Players usually are poised and this further helps their draft stock as almost all teams seek mature players.
  • I know a lot of people will say that the overall combine is just another visibility test but in actuality what has been the most important for me in the past when I have been present or viewed it later on has been the scrimmages. They by far have given me detailed insight on player abilities and have made the analytics fit in better with due to seeing where the players capabilities and grits really are.
  • The combine does not necessarily mean players might lose a chance, certain players that have opted out of the event in the past have been good in clinching a spot for themselves too.

Here is a great insider video that was recorded by a few years ago on youtube, it gives a nice insight on the physical aspect of how the tests translate:

The 2019 NBA Draft combine will be held at Quest Multisport in Chicago on Thursday, May 16 and Friday, May 17. It will no doubt be an well rounded event to process how things go for the new draft class.


Ermay Duran