Cajasol Seville got a decisive win (78-56) against Ayuda en Accion Fuenlabrada to finally got a post in the next ACB Playoffs after 10 years of absence.

It was a hard game, specially in the first half, when Cajasol didn’t seem to find their way to the basket, because of a great defense by Fuenlabrada. Moreover, Batiste seemed virtually unstoppable under the rhims, scoring every time he touched the ball.

All this changed in the third quarter, when Cajasol took a definitive advantage since they increased their defensive level. It’s the sign of their game, and when they started to play like they are used to, Fuenlabrada could do nothing, specially because their main weapon, Esteban Batista when out of the game by himself after a couple of bad actions. Dusko Savanovic showed his great class with a basket and then forced an offensive foul wich completely changed the direction of the game.

The last quarter had no history with Cajasol playing funny and making some great plays, specially a great dunk by young promise Satoransky, which put a +22 advantage on the score.

With this victory, Cajasol Seville reaches playoffs for the first time in the last ten years, too many time for a basketball club with a big tradition in Spain. It’s still unknown if they will manage to keep the fith spot or not.

78 – Cajasol (15+24+20+19): Calloway (9), Ellis (10), Kirksay (5), Savanovic (10), Triguero (8) -starting five-, Cabanas (4), Douglas (3), Satoransky (12), Sastre (-), Andrés Miso (9), Xavi Rey (4), Radenovic (4)

56 – Ayuda en Acción Fuenlabrada (19+15+13+9): Chris Thomas (4), Ferrán Laviña (-), Fitch (6), Mainoldi (-), Batista (21) -starting five-, Devin Davis (4), Colom (5), Burstein (1), Salva Guardia (2), Cortaberría (9), Tskitishvili (4), Sandes (-)