Cajasol wins again at home against Estudiantes

ImageCajasol won again (83-78), for the ninth time in a row, this time against Asefa Estudiantes. Dusko Savanovic proved to be the leader of the local team once again, while Germán Gabriel was the best player in Estudiantes. 

Cajasol Seville managed to keep the fifth place in ACB league i a hard game against Asefa Estudiantes. The game started very well for the local team, with a 15-4 on the run which made Luis Casimiro, visitor's coach, to ask for a time-out.

After the time-out Estudiantes started to get closer to Cajasol, and this was the same feeling all the way down until the last quarter, when Cajasol got a five points-advantage which they wouldn't lose until the end of the game.

83 – Cajasol (25+22+17+19): Satoransky (9), Tyrone Ellis (8), Kirksay (3), Savanovic (29), Triguero (8) -starting five-, Burger (-), Calloway (7), Sastre (-), Andrés Miso (15), Xavier Rey (-), Radenovic (4)

78 – Asefa Estudiantes (13+26+20+19): Albert Olivert (3), Lofton (11), Carlos Suárez (8), Caner-Medley (11), Petar Popovic (9) -starting five-, Daniel Clark (12), Granger (7), Germán Gabriel (14), Javier Beirán (3)