ImageThere was either a game manipulation or a try to manipulate, but at this state of information the Beko Basketball Bundesliga (Beko BBL) is not involved into the manipulation reproach. Although the Beko BBL was not allowed to examine the files, there is the knowledge from a safe source, that no match of Beko BBL was manipulated.

Furthermore there is no information that players, referees or third parties tried to manipulate a league match. "This is a relief", said the CEO of Beko BBL, Jan Pommer.

Independent from the rebutted speculations, the referee Predrag Kovacevic has announced his quitting from the Beko BBL-Referee Pool immediately. He justified his decision with an inadequate behaviour. Predrag Kovacevic followed an invitation of Ivan Pavic, who should integrate into the bet affairs and currently in custody. Following the invitation of Ivan Pavic was a violation against the declaration of the Beko BBL and German Basketball Federation. "We have great respect for this decision and welcome this step", added Jan Pommer.

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