ImageAfter the end of Lokomotiv-Dynamo which saw the home team escaping with the win in overtime, Dynamo Moscow players could not hide their anger, mainly against the refs, and got in a fight with… just about everyone.

Dynamo Moscow had a lot of complaints againt the refs as the they seemed to especially favour the home team of Krasnodar and at the end of the game the Moscovite players did not hide their anger, as they attacked the referees, the arena security staff, Lokomotiv employees and even opponent players, and just about anyone who was in their way.


Dynamo's coach and Russian basketball legend Sergey Bazarevich said at the press conference after the game: "I have never seen such a game in my life, not even in Tbilisi in Soviet era where refs always slaughtered the away teams in favour of the home team. If I was a player I would have done the same, the only thing I would change is that I would start the fight earlier. It was impossible for them to hide their emotions."

He then congratulated his players for their heroism and was taken away from the press conference under police custody.

Lokomotiv's coach Sasho Filiposvki stated:

"Dynamo players were nervous from the beginning of the game, jumping on every call and arguing with the refs all the time and it was only a matter of time when fighting would erupt. It was a great win for my team. The opponents are just sore losers."

Dynamo Moscow has already filed a omplaint against the referees and insist that they did not start the fight but someone attacked them with fists. Krasnodar district police is already investigating into the fighting incident.