Bamba FallHapoel Afula signed Bamba Fall, Senegalese Center (2.16) who graduated from Southerm Methodist(SMU-NCAA-1). Bamba joins to Justin Dentmon, BJ Mckie, and Ashante Johnson as the 4th US player of the team.

Fall was born and raised in Sengal and in age 16 moved to USA where he played highschool basketball in Famous Oak Hill Acadamy who had students as Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony.

In the last 4 years Fall played in Soouthern Methodist Univerisity. His best year was the 3rd in which he scores 11.8 pts per game and had 5.6 reb and 2.1 blocks per game. In his 4th year he scored only 8.9 pts but took 7.3 rebounds and blocked 2.2 shots per game.

Fall played in 2007 Afrobasket with Senegal scoring 3.6 pts per game. He skipped the 2009 Afrobasket that was played this summer. Fall is know on try-outs in Afula and the team have an option to cut him by the end of the month.