2019 NBA Division Update: Who’ll Win and Who has Value?

Photo: AP/Michael Dwyer
Photo: AP/Michael Dwyer

It’s hard to believe that we have broken the 60-game mark in the 2018-2019 NBA season.

Once again it is going to be an epic battle in the West, not only for making that coveted eighth cut-off, but seeding all the way up to the No. 3 spot. The East is going to be exciting as well. It’s been a while since we have seen a clump of teams all vying for that No. 8 spot.

But unlike the West, there already is a seven-game separation between the potential No. 6 seed and No. 5. This number is only likely to grow as good teams keep winning more than they lose and mediocre teams split wins.

Futures odds on the playoffs are shifting, Let’s look at each division and see if the odds are in line with statistical analysis. If you plan on betting the playoffs or NBA games,check this Bovada Review beforehand.

Atlantic Division

The Boston Celtics opened up as the top favorite to win the Atlantic. Now, the Toronto Raptors have moved all the way up to -2500. Basically, a sure thing. Those who got on Toronto at the beginning of the season got them at better than 3 to 1 to win the division and are about to triple their money.

Well, the Celtics could still mathematically take the Atlantic, but at 8.5 games back and the Raptors playing fantastic ball, it is unlikely they’ll overcome Kawhi and Company.

Central Division

The Milwaukee Bucks started the season as +125 favorite, with the Indiana Pacers just a smidge behind at +160. The Detroit Pistons got a little bit of love at +400 and the Cavaliers and Bulls were left in the dark at +1200 and +1900 respectively.

Since then, the Bucks have pushed into an amazing situation, where they are likely to win 63 or 64 games and are -20,000 to win the Central Division. What does this mean? It means if you bet $100, you would earn a whopping 50 cents. So, not even worth the time to bet on the Central Division winner at this point.

Twitter/Milwaukee Bucks
Photo: Twitter/Milwaukee Bucks

Northwest Division

This might be the tightest division in the NBA. The teams are so closely matched in talent that it is difficult to determine who will win out in the end. Essentially, it comes down to who outlasts the rest.

The OKC Thunder and the Portland Trail Blazers have been locked into a record battle for the last month. To add drama to that situation, they are both just three games behind the Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz are only three games behind the Thunder.

The Nuggets have moved into a position of being the -390 favorites, with OKC at +350 and Portland at +650. At +650 (6.5 to 1), there is a little bit of value to be found with Lillard and the Blazers. But, they have been known to slump right before the end of the season, so it’s a tough call.

Photo: Twitter/NBA

Pacific Division

Ok, so the Golden State Warriors lead the West again and that means they also are in charge of an uber-weak Pacific Division. They are so far ahead of the Suns, Kings, Clippers and Lakers that they are -100,000 favorites. Do you even win anything with an one hundred dollar bet? I think it comes to ten cents. But, if you have an 100 grand laying around, you can win 100 bucks with the Warriors to win the Pacific Division.

Southeast Division

This might be the best division race in the league. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really mean anything since they changed the format.

Charlotte, Miami, and Orlando are neck and neck all trying for that eighth seed in the East. The Magic lead the way on the odds board at +120, followed closely by the Hornets at +140 and the Heat at +235. But, what happened to the Wizards?

Remember they were highly touted this season and opened as unequivocal -154 favorites to win the division. Injuries and the inability to put together a regular starting lineup have opened the door wide in the Southeast.

Twitter/Golden State Warriors
Photo: Twitter/Golden State Warriors

Southwest Division

The Houston Rockets started out as favorites to win the Southwest at -500 and they still are. Now at -800 their odds have gotten shorter and less valuable. But, the Spurs, who opened at +650, have moved up to +250, closing the gap.

There is actually some value on San Antonio, because even though Harden is having an MVP season, he has been carrying the Rockets and there is a good chance that he could tire out over the last 15 games. At this point, the Spurs are only two games behind Houston, so it is something to consider.