Pablo Laso on the last play of the Copa Del Rey Final vs Barcelona: “It was not a human mistake”

Twitter/Real Madrid
Photo: Twitter/Real Madrid

Real Madrid head coach Pablo Laso spoke with the media and addressed the situation regarding the last play of the Copa Del Rey Final against Barcelona.

Here is what the Spanish coach said during the pre-game press conference of the “Whites” match against Bayern Munich on Friday (22/02):

“Look, I’m going to answer, I’m going to stretch out a little longer than would be necessary, but, after this answer, I’m not going to talk about it again. I think there is very little to say about the last play. It was said in the press conference, something that was clear to everyone and that doesn’t need any discussion.

There is something that has been said a lot: human mistakes. I’m the first one that understands human mistakes. We are all human beings and we make mistakes. Human mistakes are more than acceptable. By referees and by players. I would like to tell my players ‘every time you shoot, make the basket’. And they can fail.

When you talk to a referee, they tell you that they can have mistakes. I accept it, basketball is a game that includes right decisions and mistakes. This is totally understandable, and whoever does not want to understand it, doesn’t see much basketball. But if we can consider the last play a human mistake. For me, the last play wasn’t a human mistake.”