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Unicaja Malaga ties semifinal series

Barcelona is rumored to be very interested in signing Boniface N'Dong. And the senegalese center did everything he could tonight to justify their interest having 20 points and 9 rebounds in 25', leading his team to a 82-75 victory over Barcelona and sending the series to a 3rd game on Sunday.

Unicaja played great defense in the 1st quarter and took a 6 point lead to enter the 2nd one. Barcelona reacted and though it seemed that Malaga was clearly better, Navarro kept Barcelona in the game scoring 16 points in the first half, including an amazing 3pointer at the buzzer to tie at 43-43. In the 3rd quarter it took 5 minutes for Barcelona to score their 1st point with a freethrow, while Malaga had a 13-0 run. The margin went as high up as 18 points for the malaguenos, but then offensive and defensive leader N'dong was benched and the 3rd quarter ended with an 11-point lead for Unicaja. In the final period Reneses kept N'Dong on the bench for 5', Navarro kept scoring (26 points, 6 assists in total) and Barcelona managed to close the gap and even take a short 2-point lead. N'Dong came back to the game and shut down Barcelona's easy access to the basket, Malaga's shots fell in and so the series were lead to game 3.
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