Photo: ESPN

Despite the fact that lots of NBA fans see rookie Luka Doncic as a starter in the upcoming All-Star game, a former NBA player Tracy McGrady has a different opinion about the way All-Star fan voting has gone. Hall of Famer thinks that having more votes than Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and James Harden “is disrespectful”.

Here is what McGrady said, per the ClutchPoints: “This is so disrespectful on all levels of voting. C’mon. Not only are they disrespecting the guy that changed this era of basketball in Stephen Curry, with Doncic having more votes than Steph Curry. No James Harden? Are you kidding me?”

“I’m not saying that Doncic shouldn’t be an All-Star. He should be an All-Star. But to be ahead of these two guys (Harden and Kevin Durant) that are not on this list? They’re not fan favorites, though. KD is not a fan favorite and neither is James Harden, so I understand.”